Antos Massage Therapy
Jakub Antos


Crystal Membership:

A monthly membership is offered here at Antos Massage Therapy LLC. You pay $75 for the membership which includes a 60 minute massage. All additional massages come at a discounted rate. If you wish to upgrade your 60 minute massage to include a 90 or 120 minute massage, you only pay the difference between the massages. 

  • $40 - 30 minute massage 
  • $75 - 60 minute massage 
  • $115 - 90 minute massage 
  • $150 - 120 minute massage 

Cancellation policy:

If you request to cancel your membership, it will be cancelled the following month. If you have not used up the massages within your membership, you have 6 months to use those massages up at no charge. 


If you are not interested in a membership, these options are available to you: 

  • Emerald: Includes 3x60 minute massages - $267
  • Sapphire: Includes 6x60 minute massages - $480
  • Amber: Includes 3x90 minute massages - $390
  • Ruby: Includes 6x90 minute massages - $738